How to Choose a Military Food Broker


When choosing a Military Food Broker, it should be a company investment to grow your brand and expand sales in the Military channel. The Military has different procedures and regulatory requirements that must be met in order for the Military to purchase your products. What you should consider when choosing a Military Food Broker:

  • Experience and knowledge of the Services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard), feeding platforms, systems and process, regulatory requirements, and base access
  • Insight into Military market trends, performance analytics of products, and other relevant information
  • Marketing strategies and implementation that includes, but not limited to product focus, competition, positioning, promotion, pricing, plan launch, key meetings, sales and marketing phases, growth objectives, and success metrics
  • Customer and distributor relationships the Military Broker will utilize to push your brand and or products
  • Past performances and reputation of the Military Broker

To learn more about Military Food Service Broker and how we can help grow your sales, please contact us at –

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